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Michele Bachmann – GOP Debate

"Michele Bachmann Lunatic Fringe"
Michele Bachmann is Scary!

Michele Bachmann did it again! She managed to steal all the attention from the other GOP candidates. And rightly so, while most of us who are serious and sane don’t expect her to get the eventual GOP nomination, her circus of a candidacy is entertaining to say the least.

On a serious note, Michele Bachmann should scare anyone who is in their right mind. Joe Scarborough, from MS NBC’s Morning Joe didn’t hold his tongue when he gave his opinion of Michele Bachmann’s candidacy. I don’t always agree with Mr. Scarborough however, I must say, he got it right this time!

There are a lot of problems with Michele Bachmann’s candidacy. first and foremost, her loose interpretation of historical facts as well as critical issues facing the American electorate. Her cozy, romanticized and sanitary revisionism of American slavery is especially troubling. let’s not forget her husband, Marcus Bachmann and his controversial “counseling clinic.”

Michele Bachmann’s candidacy for the White House is wrong on so many different levels. She’s the head of the tea party caucus that held Congress hostage during the debt ceiling crisis. She has no shame in her game whatsoever. She was willing to allow the United States economy to go over a cliff, because of her extreme right-wing, lunatic fringe beliefs.

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Michele Bachmann For President?

"Michele Bachmann is dangerous"
Michele Bachman for President?

Michele Bachmann for president? As creepy as that sounds, there may be enough misguided Americans who could help Michele Bachmann in her quest for the presidency. The media constantly makes comparisons between Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin. While both make ridiculous statements in front of open mics all across America, it’s become obvious that Michele Bachmann is the more dangerous of the two.

While president Obama and the Congress debate the issue of raising the debt ceiling, an interesting sideshow has manifested in the form of Michele Bachmann and her banner issue; which is opposing gay marriage. Michele Bachmann is the founder of the tea party house caucus. She came onto the national stage as a right-wing media darling, who appears to pander to the extreme right and the lunatic fringe of the Republican Party.

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