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The Civil War and America

"Civil War starts at Ft Sumter"
Ft Sumter fires first shots of Civil War

As we commemorate (not celebrate) the 150th anniversary of the civil war in America, I ponder the words of the great southern historian and author, Shelby Foote, who once said, “You can’t know America unless you understand the civil war.” He was very accurate in his assessment. Many people lambaste African-Americans for “whining” about slavery. The truth of the matter is, the vestiges of this “peculiar institution” are with us to this very day. That’s why will NEVER be a post-racial society. Race and class are embedded in our DNA.


The first shot of the civil war at Fort Sumter is still being heard all over America. Our media, our co-workers, job and mortgage applications all want to know our race, ethnic background etc. It’s interwoven deep within our core as Americans. We are color-struck to the 10th power and don’t want to acknowledge or recognize it.

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The Military & African Americans

"U.S. Military has always had Black soldiers who sacrificed for America"Military and African Americans – The United States history of the military & African Americans is full of examples of the sacrifice made by African Americans. I find it amazing and absurd that the likes of someone like Sarah Palin questions if African-Americans are loyal citizens. Since the arrival of the first slave ship African-Americans were some of the first to give the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom and America.

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Charlie Rangels Dramatic Rise and Fall

This is truly a sad day for America. I have always had a lot of respect for Charlie Rangel. This is truly an American tragedy! I remember Rep. Rangel telling the story of how he endured three nights in sub zero cold in Korea during the Korean war and helping save three of his fellow soldiers during a difficult mission. He earned a purple heart and bronze star for his sacrifice and bravery.  He stated that after having survived that he has never had a bad day. I’m sure he’s having to reevaluate that feeling.

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A Few Good Men

Gen Stanley McChrystal gets put in place by Obama"
Gen Stanley McChrystal gets put in place by Obama"

A Few Good Men -The ax has fallen on the fate of Gen. Stanley McChrystal; His insubordination has cost him his job. This is not the first time a general has been called on the carpet by the president. History is full of examples where presidents and generals have clashed.

The most notable examples of history are the famous clashes between Pres. Abraham Lincoln and General George B. McClellan. General McClellan frustrated Pres. Lincoln more and longer than any other general during the Civil War. He was eventually replaced by Gen. Ulysses S. Grant. We all know how the story ends.

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