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Todd Akin

Todd Akin is toast!
Todd Akin has insulted women everywhere!

The gift that keeps giving

The Republicans hit an all time low in the persona of Todd Akin, who made the outrageous claim that a woman could not get pregnant if she was raped. This incredibly stupid remark created a firestorm of controversy. His behavior and words were so damning that his fellow Republicans begged him [Akin] not to show his face at the GOP convention this weekend.

Mr. Akin is not alone in showing poor judgement and words. This is only another example of anti-woman rhetoric that has become common place among the GOP. Women are leaving the ranks of the GOP in droves! All of this ultimately plays right into the hands of Pres. Obama and his re-election bid.

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Ron Paul on Race

Ron Paul, race and the GOP
Ron Paul and Race

The articles and commentary here at Recovering-Republican.com are usually all original content. Due to time constraints, I wanted to post this well written article on our blog, written by Pulitzer Prize winning author, Les Payne, who is a frequent contributor to TheRoot.com.

Ron Pauls moment of racial clarity.

His recent comments about institutional racism defy the GOP norm.

The debate fell silent Saturday when Ron Paul trotted out of the closet the GOP skeleton of denial: racism.

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New Year 2012

Obama has chance at reelection
Pres Obama will win 2012

Dick Clark should run for GOP

2011 was an interesting year indeed. 2012 promises to the very interesting year. We have presidential election in November 2012, there are many people on both sides of the political spectrum that have a lot invested in outcome of that election. The smart money says President Obama will win reelection. There are many of you. Reading this will not agree my assessment; President Obama has numerous victories in this past year that will merit his reelection.

President Obama’s most recent victory was the extension of the job tax credit. Despite of a Republican Party’s major focus is to disrupt and stonewall All President Obama’s ideas, he has prevailed. In spite of Republican opposition and obstruction, president Obama has won success on many fronts.
The killing of Osama bin Laden, the killing of Muammar Gaddaafi, stock market record single day in trading volume in the last eight years, and improving job market and economy will surely guarantee president Obama’s reelection. Granted this is something many who oppose him do not wish to hear. So let’s give credit where credit is due!

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Cyber Monday and U.S. Economy

Cyber Monday will surpass Black Friday
Cyber Monday will surpass Black Friday

The 99% Go Shopping!

As the debate rages on about the state of the American economy, one thing is for certain, it hasn’t diminished American’s desire for a good deal. We just had Black Friday, and by all accounts, sales were good. When Cyber Monday started in 2006, it made headway into increasing consumer spending as we head into the holiday season. By all accounts, sales from Cyber Monday (one day of online shopping) is expected to net $1.3 Billion in sales.

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Debt Ceiling Jobs and Republicans

"Timothy Geithner and debt ceiling"
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner

Debt Ceiling – The Debt Ceiling is on every ones mind these days. This is the fiscal limit set by congress going back to 1917 to control government spending. Much is at stake if the debt ceiling crisis isn’t handled properly. The United States stands to lose it’s credit rating in the world economy. We jeopardize having our Stock and Bond markets crash. Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner has his job cut out for him.

The overriding factor that will determine what happens with the debt ceiling is politics. In this game of fiscal chicken, the Republicans are steadfast and resolute that they will not be the ones to blink. No one wants to be the first one on the GOP side to support raising the debt ceiling. To do so, would brand that person a fiscal spendthrift.

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Repealing Affordable Health Care Act Will Hurt Economy

The House Republican Health Care Plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act and take away all the new freedom and control it gives the American people over their health care and give it back to insurance companies will not only raise costs for individuals and businesses, but it will hurt our economy.

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President Obama – Consoler in Chief

This past Wednesday was indeed a special day. The memorial service held in Tucson for the shooting victims of the tragedy this past Saturday was one to remember. President Obama ended the service as the main speaker; and boy did he deliver! He was as presidential as I think most of us have seen him. He brought his A game.

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Letter: McCain, Kyl putting us in danger

The following letter was written by Danny Baker of Kingman, AZ.

I would ask senators McCain and especially Kyl how they can withhold support for the START treaty continuation that is so vital to the security of this country. I remind them how START was a major treaty for Ronald Reagan during the end of the Cold War with Russia. This agreement allows the famous “trust but verify” to continue and should not be allowed to expire.

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Health Care and Afghanistan

merry_christmasAfter much debate the Democrats in the Senate passed the health care bill. The Democrats were able to break up the Republicans filibuster with the required 60 votes needed to pass the bill. This has been a long time coming; many kudos to President Obama for pulling it off! This has indeed been a tumultuous year for our new president. You have said that he’s taken on more than he can chew. If anything he’s proven that he’s a great multi-tasker.

It’s great to see the Democrats come together on one accord for the betterment of the party. President Obama worked for months tirelessly with Sen. Harry Reid the Democratic senator from the state of Nevada. The compromises that were necessary to get the health care bill to pass proved successful. It’s a good thing that this worked out because the Republicans will not give the president or the Democratic Party any Quarter.

While everybody is busy celebrating this victory we cannot yet rest on our laurels. Not to be one to cast aspersions on this great victory we can forget all of our brave soldiers who will be deployed to Afghanistan before Christmas. This is particularly sad and hopefully they will be brought back home. 30,000 young men and women will be sent into harm’s way and probably the most difficult time of the year. Our hearts go out to those families who will not have their loved ones home for Christmas.

While I am in unrepentant supporter of Pres. Obama, I’m not in agreement with this deployment. We all know that this is a mess that he inherited from the Bush administration. From all accounts it is said that there are fewer than 100 Al Qaeda operatives in Afghanistan. I’m having a tough time seeing the logic to justify sending so many American troops into Afghanistan.

Pres. Obama said that if he sees that we are not gaining ground in the fight against terror in Afghanistan, he would make the appropriate adjustments and bring our troops home. I hope he’s true to his word. Some soldiers have been on second and third tours of duty in the Middle East. We all pray for their safe return and that their sacrifice is not in vain. From all of us here at Recovering Republican.com we would like to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas!


Protect The President!

The following story is from Newsmax.

According to a number of press reports, about a dozen people carrying guns, including one with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle slung over his shoulder, stood among protesters outside a convention center in Arizona where President Barack Obama [protect the president] was giving a speech Aug. 17.

This appears to be the latest incident in which protesters have openly displayed firearms near the president.

In Arizona and several other states, it happens to be legal for people to purchase and carry these types of weapons without a permit. Gun-rights advocates say they are exercising their constitutional right to bear arms and protest; others who argue for more gun control say it could be a disaster waiting to happen.

I happen to be a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and strongly believe in our constitutional right to bear arms. However, I also have had the responsibility of overseeing the protection of several heads of state, including at one of the world’s largest gatherings — the Millennium Summit of the United Nations in September 2000 [protect the president].

I believe that there is no greater responsibility in this country than that of the men and women in our federal, state, and local law enforcement organizations charged with protecting the life of our president.

In order to protect the president, the Secret Service recruits other federal, state, and local agencies to assist them daily. The military supports the Secret Service through the use of explosive ordnance disposal teams and communications resources. When the president travels, an advance team of Secret Service agents works with host city and state law enforcement, as well as public safety officials, to jointly implement the necessary security measures.

Knowing and understanding the threats we face from terrorism alone is reason to ensure that the security arrangements for the president is of the highest standard. In addition to those possible threats, there are reports that the threats against this president are 400 percent higher than that of any other. If the threat and vulnerability assessments are accurate, this president and vice president should have the highest levels of security in the history of the Secret Service whether they like it or not.

There are reports that the vice president has ordered his protective detail be minimized during certain travel. We have also seen President Barack Obama mix it up with a crowd from time to time, and I assure you it was against the wishes of their detail leaders responsible for keeping them safe.

What principals like the president and vice president sometimes do not understand is that they have the responsibility to stay alive, just as the Secret Service has the responsibility to keep them alive.

If they intentionally or unintentionally interfere with or preclude the Secret Service from doing its job, they jeopardize their own lives as well as the lives of those charged with protecting them. Perhaps more importantly, they could jeopardize the stability of our country if something were to happen to them.

Allowing armed protesters to show up where the president is speaking is irresponsible and could cause a catastrophic security nightmare for those charged with protecting him.

It endangers the protective agents, the protesters, the public, and the president. It creates an immediate distraction as each armed protester then becomes a focus of observation for the agents.

Although Arizona and other states may allow the possession of these weapons, who can tell that the person carrying them at the time is not a threat to the president or others? An unidentified man who had a rifle slung over his shoulder told a reporter for the Arizona Republic, that “I still have some freedoms,” and he may be right. But freedom to create alarm and a possible threat to the president is not one of them.

Use some common sense.

That man may have no ill intent and possess his weapon legally, but what if someone not so nice takes it away? Why create scenarios where the protective agents focus is instinctually aimed at the weapon’s carriers? What if there is an accidental discharge by someone who is not that proficient with his or her weapon that creates a stampede or serious distraction?

No responsible gun owner, law enforcement executive, or public official should endorse or allow these armed protests anywhere near the president.

The president and his staff should let the Secret Service do its job, regardless of political correctness, and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano should ensure that the president is protected at all cost . . . and if that includes stepping on some protester’s toes, so be it.

I’m all for the Second Amendment and our right to bear arms, but not at the cost of endangering the president. This is a dangerous practice and it must be stopped.

The job of protecting the president is hard enough. . . let’s not make it any harder for the men and women who have to do the job.