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GOP and 2012 Election

"2012 election Can Newt Gingrich beat Obama?"
Can Newt save GOP?

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The 2012 election started this past Friday night, Newt Gingrich announced his entry into the 2012 election at a GOP dinner in Georgia that he was officially entering the race for president.

Gingrich addressed the party faithful stating that the 2012 election will be the most consequential since the 1860 election that elected Abraham Lincoln and plunged America into the great civil war. It sounds like Newt Gingrich is longing for slavery to come back. It’s an obvious pander to a room full of Georgia confederates.
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Obama 2012 – Why He Will Get Re-elected

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President Barack Obama
Can Pres Obama work with Republicans

Obama 2012! President Barack Obama will get reelected! Some on the right will take this prediction as political heresy. If the economy continues to improve, unemployment goes down and we save face in Libya, Obama will win reelection; barring anymore global catastrophes. The main reason Obama will win reelectionare the potential Republican candidates that will oppose him.

The electorate will ultimately vote their pocketbooks and their best interests; at least the sane ones will. The other tangible or intangible depending, on your point of view is Obama’s charisma and his squeaky clean (scandal proof) image. Love him or hate him, he is a fine father, husband, has superior intellect and is a man of unimpeachable integrity who seems to stay above the fray of petty partisan bickering. In the final analysis, people like those qualities in their leaders and trust them. Everyone realizes that President Obama inherited a mess unlike any of his predecessors. Two wars and an economy on the verge of total meltdown. All things considered, he [Obama] has done an admirable job. His ratings in the polls have been fair to good. If things continue to improve look for a second term. Let’s take a look at those who are vying for the GOP nod in 2012.

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Liberal Republican

"Recovering Republican"
Liberal Republican

After almost three years of blogging, I keep getting asked, “what is a liberal Republican?” In my view, it’s someone who has some compassion about social issues and puts people first. Too many Republicans these days seem to be trying to “out” conservative their colleagues. Very few of the Republicans seem to be willing to work with Barack Obama on much of anything. What ever happened to “compassionate conservatism?”


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Sensible Immigration Reform

"Obama needs to act on immigration reform"
Obama will win Immigration Reform
I must admit I’m a little disappointed that President Obama hasn’t pursued comprehensive immigration reform more aggressively. It seems that it’s almost impossible to have a civil debate on this pressing issue given all of the emotion and visceral reaction to the perceived taking over of America by all these Mexicans entering our country.

As a recovering Republican, I say that with tongue-in-cheek, immigration reform is a whole lot more complicated than that. The majority of America’s xenophobia and obsession with Latinos crossing the borders is almost comical. Yes we have the drug cartels, the war on drugs and illegal drugs. But there’s so much more to the issue than Latinos in general and Mexicans in particular crossing our border.

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Republicans and Black America

Jack Kemp friend to African Americans
Jack Kemp was a friend to African Americans

Blacks have always been republicans. We forget that from the time of Lincoln up to FDR 90% of blacks were republicans; Oh how soon we forget. Today however, if you ask the average black person republican or democrat? You will get a resounding, “I’m a democrat!”

The black community has always gone with the party who was perceived to have their best interst at heart. When President Lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation freeing millions of blacks held in bondage, blacks flocked to the republican party like lemmings.

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Obama and Immigration Reform

"Obama and Latino Vote"
Obama – Latino vote key in 2012!

Immigration, immigration laws, illegal immigration and immigration reform won’t stay in the background for much longer. It’s not about republicans or democrats, it’s about trying to get our arms around some type of comprehensive immigration reform. It’s had to take a back seat to other pressing issues in our country as of late. President Obama has promised to address this urgent issue.

Current immigration law is very harsh, especially for those with criminal records; we need immigration reform. While I’m a liberal on the issue of immigrants and immigration; I’m in full support of deporting dangerous criminals. Immigration laws have been on the books in the United States going back to 1798 that ushered in the Alien Act known as the Alien and Sedition Laws, which empowered the President to expel any alien, or non-citizen, he deemed dangerous.

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Black History Month – I Hate it!

Not really! After writing about progressive causes on this blog you would think that I would be recovered by now. Black history month carries mixed emotions for me. The news is a bit disengenous with it’s portrayl of black folks on TV and other mass media.

I have had white co-workers exclaim, “you have a black president (Obama) you don’t need to celebrate black history! I beg to differ! Until we gain economic parity with our
white counterparts, we need to recognize black history month.

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President Obama – Consoler in Chief

This past Wednesday was indeed a special day. The memorial service held in Tucson for the shooting victims of the tragedy this past Saturday was one to remember. President Obama ended the service as the main speaker; and boy did he deliver! He was as presidential as I think most of us have seen him. He brought his A game.

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The Military & African Americans

"U.S. Military has always had Black soldiers who sacrificed for America"Military and African Americans – The United States history of the military & African Americans is full of examples of the sacrifice made by African Americans. I find it amazing and absurd that the likes of someone like Sarah Palin questions if African-Americans are loyal citizens. Since the arrival of the first slave ship African-Americans were some of the first to give the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom and America.

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No Difference between Democrats and Republicans?

“Vote-Smart” is the premier, non-partison organization in a America dedicating to collecting and disseminating objective data to enable voters in America to be as informed of possible in their voting. To obtain the ratings for the parties as described here, and so provide informed answers to the question or how similar or dissimilar the Democratic and Republican parties are, the most recent reports for every special interest group listed at www.Vote-Smart.Org were reviewed and aggregated into averages according to each group’s individual ratings of the Congressmembers of the two parties.

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