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Steve Jobs Legacy

"Steve Jobs Innovations"
Steve Jobs Legacy

Steve Jobs lived an incredible life. Much will be written about his legacy and the indelible imprint he left on this life. He is arguably one of the most visionary men of our century. He did for technology what Henry Ford and Thomas Edison had done in the previous century with industry.

Steve Jobs redefined “cross-over” appeal. People of all races, languages and cultures embraced him as the change agent he was. There has been much written about his mercurial temper and his pursuit of the next big thing.

His ability to bring disparate groups of people together via technology and his inventions far surpasses any other human being on the planet. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Democrats and Republicans could do the same? Better yet; the Republicans and President Obama?



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2012 Election will be Ugly

"2012 election racist rancor"
2012 election will be nasty

White rage and a dearth of new Republican ideas should result in a noxious and racially tinged 2012 election campaign next year.

As many a would-be prophet can attest, predicting the future is one surefire way of making yourself look ridiculous. When your prognostication goes wrong, the only ones who look sillier than you are those who believed in the forecast.

Take, for example, radio Bible thumper Harold Camping, who whipped legions of evangelical Christians into a frenzy by claiming that the rapture, in which the faithful would be literally spirited up into heaven, was going to take place last Saturday. Lo and behold, we — and he — are still here. But instead of curing Camping of being a seer, that seemingly incontrovertible piece of evidence only forced him to revise his schedule. He now says the end of the world will take place on Oct. 21, and I hope he is right.

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Oprah – Media Royalty

Article first published as Oprah – Media Royalty on Technorati.

"Oprah is a transcendent figure"
Oprah the King Maker

Oprah Gail Winfrey, better known to her adoring fans as just Oprah. Internationally known as the queen of daytime television (sorry Ellen DeGeneres your time will come).

For 25 years the Oprah Winfrey Show, or better known as the O, has been the show that has been penciled into almost every woman’s schedule at 4 o’clock eastern time has created a fan base that words can try to depict but cannot describe how many are dedicated to this show.

From humble beginnings in the Deep South to being one of the most powerful women in the world, her claim to fame is nothing short of amazing. Since this is the final season of Oprah we’ve decided to take a look back on not only Oprah’s career but the diverse number of fans and how much power the “Oprah Effect” has had on politicians, movie stars, ordinary people with a story to tell and everything in between.
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Unions – Office – Politics and Facebook

Recovering Republican
Take our country forward - not back!

Social media is ubiquitous. Employees use their Facebook and Twitter accounts to keep up with family and friends, to network, to post music, to inform their online “community” of personal and/or social events, and, sometimes, to vent about their day on the job. What happens when one of their Facebook friends shares the online rant about a supervisor with said supervisor or someone else on the job? And what if the employer has a policy that prohibits employees from making “disparaging” remarks about their supervisor online? Can the employee be fired? The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) says “no”.

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Immigration Reform – The Time is Now!

"Obama needs to act on immigration reform"
Obama will win Immigration Reform

As the presidential campaign starts to take flight, President Obama is calling for much needed immigration reform. With no clear Republican candidates who have officially thrown their hat in the ring, President Obama has a clear head start on his re-election bid.

After a very successful week in the wake of the killing of Bin Laden and Donald Trumps poll numbers imploding, President Obama’s re-election prospects look very good indeed. Obama has a decidedly strong advantage over the Republican field on this hot-button topic. He is perceived as a “friendly” and not a hostile combatant as the Republicans are.

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Republicans and Latinos

Article first published as Republicans and Latinos on Technorati.

Virgil Peck hates Latinos
Virgil Peck hates Latinos

Just when I thought I had heard it all, another conservative white guy tops the last idiot that says something goofy! I don’t know if I’m appalled,angry, surprised or what. It’s simply amazing to me. The Republican party’s tent keeps shrinking with each gaffe and insensitive remark. It’s absolutely amazing! The GOP’s “big tent” has turned into a circus!


They don’t seem to think that Republicans and Latinos go together. At least with former President Bush, he reached out to Latinos. His Attorney General was Latino as well as several members of his cabinet. His brother, Jeb Bush Gov. of Florida is married to a Latina and they aggressively sought their participation in the party.

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Peter King is Wrong

Peter King is a racist
Peter King is an Islamaphobe

Peter King has earned his place in infamy this past week as he opens investigations on radical Muslims. This hearkens back to a shameful era in American history. Senator Joseph McCarthy’s house investigations on Un-American Activities Committee investigated perceived communists. Republicans and Democrats should stand against this type of overt racism against American Muslims.

Mr. King’s zeal in going after “radicalized” Muslims rings as disingenuous given his past ties to terrorists in Ireland. Of course the right is in support of this under the guise of “protecting Americans.” Racism and xenophobia, not to mention serious Islamophobia will allow this witch hunt to continue. There are better ways to deal with “radicalization” of American Muslims.

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Radical Republicans and the Supreme Court

American history is full of examples of disagreements with the Supreme Court. Nothing rings more true than the narrow interpretations of the 14th and 15th amendments to the United States Constitution. Separate but equal actually meant separate and inherently unequal.

Reconstruction is the historical period Immediately following the Civil War up until 1877 that allowed African Americans to enjoy a window of opportunity and enfranchisement; that slavery had denied them. Radical Republicans (Liberal Republicans) aggressively promoted the concept of complete emancipation i.e. complete equality with whites in public accommodation,voting rights and entering into legal contracts.

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The NBA and White Fans

A controversial article was published this week that makes the assertion that white fans don’t want to follow the NBA because of the overwhelming dominance by black players. The number of white American players is down precipitously over the last decade.

This week as the Boston Celtics make major trades as well as other NBA trades this argument only comes to the fore. The hip hop culture may relate to the NBA. Many young suburban whites are definitely in the fold. They are enthusiastic fans of the NBA.

Sports writer, Buzz Bissinger has tongues wagging with his assertion that most white fans are unenthusiastic about supporting or watching black athletes play in the NBA. There are some quarters that proclaim this is nonsense. Some say the economy is one reason, others admit, there are some whites who have a problem watching blacks do anything. NPR radio featured this story on one of their programs. There are some that state when Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan burst on the scene, the popularity of the NBA skyrocketed.

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Abraham Lincoln and Slavery

Abraham Lincoln the great emancipator
Was Lincoln racist?
President Lincoln was conflicted on his ideas on African-Americans and the institution of slavery. We have included a link to the interview with the author, Eric Foner of “The Fiery Trial.” The interview delves into the issue of the “Peculiar Institution” of American slavery, abolition, emancipation and the passage of the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments as they relate to emancipation.

President Lincoln is viewed as the ultimate liberal Republican in most African-American households. Most supporters of Lincoln practically view him as a saint in the cause of freedom. Any deviation from that is seen as heresy or blasphemy as we deify Lincoln. There is no straight line from his initial presidency to emancipation. This journey takes a variety of twists and turns to the eventual writing of the emancipation proclamation.

The interview with Professor Eric Foner reveals a much more complicated man than the history lessons we received in high school. President Lincoln is presented as a master politician with a lot of issues on his plate. The interview is well worth your time, it gives this period of history eloquent reflection.

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