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Casey Anthony Verdict

"Casey Anthony loves to party"
Casey Anthony never wanted to be a mom

By now you’re probably reeling from the Casey Anthony verdict. The jury may have found her not-guilty, however in the court of public opinion, she’s guilty as sin. She has received numerous death threats and when released, she will be under constant guard. In fact, a security detail is being organized as this post is being written.

You can’t help but feel emotion as images of sweet angelic Caylee Anthony are flashed on screen. It humanizes that poor little girl and the terrible suffering she must have endured. How can you not feel for that little girl? It’s painfully obvious that Casey Anthony didn’t want to be a mother. Even more obvious, that their family is dysfunctional, particularly the relationship with her father. Did she get away with murder? Probably not. Was she at least negligent in her daughters death? Most definitely! According to CNN she will be released by next Wednesday. She is being released for good behavior and time served.

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