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Peter King is Wrong

Peter King is a racist
Peter King is an Islamaphobe

Peter King has earned his place in infamy this past week as he opens investigations on radical Muslims. This hearkens back to a shameful era in American history. Senator Joseph McCarthy’s house investigations on Un-American Activities Committee investigated perceived communists. Republicans and Democrats should stand against this type of overt racism against American Muslims.

Mr. King’s zeal in going after “radicalized” Muslims rings as disingenuous given his past ties to terrorists in Ireland. Of course the right is in support of this under the guise of “protecting Americans.” Racism and xenophobia, not to mention serious Islamophobia will allow this witch hunt to continue. There are better ways to deal with “radicalization” of American Muslims.

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First Amendment and Military Funerals

"Military funeral protesters"
Military Funerals Deserve Respect

Military Funerals – In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision regarding The Westboro Baptist Church and their outrageous behavior in protesting military funerals, much controversy has erupted. In an 8 to 1 ruling the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Snyder v. Phelps upholding free speech under the First Amendment. The first amendment and military funerals seem to be at odds.The lone dissenter was Justice Antonin Scalia.

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Herman Cain – Who is he?

"Tea party loves Herman Cain"
Herman Cain is Tea Party Favorite

Herman Cain

From all accounts the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza is the embodiment of the American dream. He has come a long way to reach the promised land that all of us seek in America. This article isn’t so much about Herman Cain as much as the agenda of the tea party and the far right to use him as the anti-racist antidote against charges of racism leveled at the tea party.

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Radical Republicans and the Supreme Court

American history is full of examples of disagreements with the Supreme Court. Nothing rings more true than the narrow interpretations of the 14th and 15th amendments to the United States Constitution. Separate but equal actually meant separate and inherently unequal.

Reconstruction is the historical period Immediately following the Civil War up until 1877 that allowed African Americans to enjoy a window of opportunity and enfranchisement; that slavery had denied them. Radical Republicans (Liberal Republicans) aggressively promoted the concept of complete emancipation i.e. complete equality with whites in public accommodation,voting rights and entering into legal contracts.

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Abraham Lincoln and Slavery

Abraham Lincoln the great emancipator
Was Lincoln racist?
President Lincoln was conflicted on his ideas on African-Americans and the institution of slavery. We have included a link to the interview with the author, Eric Foner of “The Fiery Trial.” The interview delves into the issue of the “Peculiar Institution” of American slavery, abolition, emancipation and the passage of the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments as they relate to emancipation.

President Lincoln is viewed as the ultimate liberal Republican in most African-American households. Most supporters of Lincoln practically view him as a saint in the cause of freedom. Any deviation from that is seen as heresy or blasphemy as we deify Lincoln. There is no straight line from his initial presidency to emancipation. This journey takes a variety of twists and turns to the eventual writing of the emancipation proclamation.

The interview with Professor Eric Foner reveals a much more complicated man than the history lessons we received in high school. President Lincoln is presented as a master politician with a lot of issues on his plate. The interview is well worth your time, it gives this period of history eloquent reflection.

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Jefferson Davis and the Confederacy

"Jefferson Davis was flaming racist"
Jefferson Davis was an unapologetic racist

This past Friday, February 18 marks the 150th anniversary of the swearing in of Jefferson Davis as the president of the Confederate states of America. All over the South there will be grand balls, commemorations and most importantly civil war battle reenactments. As a liberal Republican, I’ll pass on any of the festivities.

Let me first say that I have no doubt about the sincerity of the South and their justification for secession from the union which ultimately led to the great Civil War. There is no doubt that many young men gave their lives valiantly for what they believed in. However, they were on the wrong side of history. There is no reason in the world to justify killing other human beings to preserve the peculiar institution of slavery. As an Obama Republican, I can’t register my protest any stronger.

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The Modern Minstrel Show

Michele Bachmann is she bat shit?
Michele Bachmann Republican Minstrel

Minstrel shows and minstrelsy appeared to be a phenomenon of America’s distant past. Not so, you don’t have to look too far to find examples of this disgraceful period in history. The modern-day minstrel show is seen in our daily lives.

The incarnation of this shameful episode in American history is repeated over and over in fried chicken commercials, debt programs and a host of other commercials that portray African-Americans in a negative light.

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The Military & African Americans

"U.S. Military has always had Black soldiers who sacrificed for America"Military and African Americans – The United States history of the military & African Americans is full of examples of the sacrifice made by African Americans. I find it amazing and absurd that the likes of someone like Sarah Palin questions if African-Americans are loyal citizens. Since the arrival of the first slave ship African-Americans were some of the first to give the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom and America.

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Is Michael Steele Out?

Michael Steele chances of keeping his job as RNC chairman are slipping away, GOP officials say. More are entering the contest to take the job when his term expires next month, though none has gained traction. As the GOP focuses on unseating President Obama in 2012, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele’s chances of keeping his job are slipping away, according to present and former party officials.

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