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Sarah Palin Revelations

Sarah Palin - Black men
Sarah Palin is done!

Sarah Palin is done!

The bombshell that was dropped this past week by writer Joe McGinniss has rocked the political world. Sarah Palin appears to be another disingenuous conservative who is not what she appears to be. Her conservative credentials have been tarnished and rendered null and void. Hopefully this book, which is an unauthorized biography, will close a chapter in the comic tragedy which is Sarah Palin.


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2012 Election – GOP Presidential Contenders

"GOP contender or lunatic"
2012 Election - GOP Presidential Contenders

The 2012 election will be interesting. This past Monday, June 13th, the GOP show cased their potential 2012 candidates in a debate televised on CNN. After all the pomp and circumstance, it appears to be a race to the bottom. Sadly, it appears the Mormon is the only sane one in the bunch! 2012 election, interesting indeed!

Michele Bachmann – Appears to be the one that stole the show in the debate. She is the chair of the Tea Party Caucus in congress. She at least had the cojones to admit she was wrong for her historical faux pas on Concord. Contrast this to Sarah Palin, who doubles down on her idiotic statements on history. Her [Sarah Palin] staff, actually tried to get Wikipedia to rewrite history on Paul Revere’s ride to warn the patriots, not the British. Michele Bachmann is seen as part of lunatic fringe.

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Sarah Palin Campaign

Sarah Palin Campaign – I’m kidding! This is a tongue in cheek music video by D.C. Douglas lampooing a Sarah Palin / Michele Bachman ticket. I’m sure the Tea Party / Tea Baggers are working on this as we speak. The second video is by Lester and Charlie, political satirists lampooning how bats*&^ Michele Bachman is, with her insane cry of “Let’s take back America!” It’s hilarious, give it a listen!

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Sarah Palin 2012 – I Don’t Think So!

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin a non-issue in 2012?

Now that we have your attention, keep checking for our next article that explains why President Obama will get reelected and why the Republicans will fall short. Sarah Palin’s star is fading and she has become a non-entity. Everyone is breathing heavy for Mitt Romney, he won’t win either. Most of the GOP hopefuls have too much baggage, we’ll explain in our upcoming article. Look for our new article by weeks end!


Will we see a Sarah Palin convention speech in 2012 or listen to Sarah Palin speech audio, highly unlikely at this point.

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The Republican Minstrel Show

Michele Bachmann is she bat shit?
Michele Bachmann is scarier than Sarah Palin!

And you thought minstrels were only in black face? Not so, between Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman, high tech minstrelsy is here, and boy, it’s hilarious. The Republican Minstrel show goes on ad hominem. It’s the minstrel show to beat all minstrel shows! You just never know what’s going to come out of their mouths. In all fairness to Sarah Palin, I think Michele Bachmann, the Tea Party darling, is the crazier of the two.

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Tea Party has Blood on Their Hands

The vicious attack on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was horrific but not surprising. As shocking and repugnant as the attack was, it was inevitable. There has been a climate of hate and intolerance that has been in the air since President Obama’s election.

Rep. Giffords by all accounts was a moderate democrat, not quite a blue dog democrat. She was pro NRA and a staunch defender of the constitution. She narrowly defeated a tea party candidate winning a third term during the mid-term elections. Not quite the liberal target you would suspect for such a politically motivated attack.

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Sarah Palin – “We Must Stand with our allies in North Korea!”

Sarah Palin really scares me! Her most recent comment on the Glenn Beck Show proves how spectacularly stupid she is! Her latest blunder has anyone with half a brain yelling out a resounding WTF! The following story was submitted by HUMA KHAN of ABC News.

Was is it a simple blunder or did a possible 2012 presidential contender really get her geography wrong? That’s the question being debated after Sarah Palin said in an interview with Glenn Beck Wednesday that North Korea was a U.S. ally.

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Palin Support Limited Among Wealthy, College-Educated Republicans

The following article proves my theory that only the trailer park and Jed Clampett’s of the fringe elements of the GOP would support Sarah Palin in a bid for the 2012 presidential campaign.

Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor, is among the more natural populist politicians of our time, frequently critiquing elites in the press, the Democratic Party, and the Republican establishment. It is one of the reasons — along with her working-class background and the sense of authenticity that she can often convey — that she is so popular with some voters.

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Reality stands between Sarah Palin and the presidency

OTTAWA — In the United States, Thanksgiving approaches. The post-mortem of 2010 yields to the narrative of 2012, which likens Barack Obama to Jimmy Carter and Sarah Palin to Ronald Reagan.

Is this Sarah Palin’s moment or what? Her “reality” show bout Alaska draws a large audience, her flat-footed daughter Bristol survives on Dancing with the Stars, and on Tuesday Palin will release her second book, following the runaway success of her memoir, Going Rogue: An American Life.

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Sarah Palin and the Media

Sarah Palin entered the American Body politic amid much hoopla and fanfare. The honeymoon was short and sweet. She immediately became America’s sweetheart after the Republican National Convention. The honeymoon didn’t last long.

After the initial Katie Couric interview it became obvious why her handlers were keeping her under raps. After a series of missteps, bad facts and rambling answers she became a laughing stock. The only big winner in her selection as candidate for VP was Tina Fey! Her depiction of Sarah Palin was dead on accurate and hilarious! I almost feel sorry for her.

There has been a lot of banter about how she has been mistreated by the media. They were tough on her. However, asking about what the Vice Presidents job is was a fair question. She was asked questions that you would have asked any candidate. Her lack of qualification screamed out to the American electorate! Our nation was spared potential disaster by the defeat of the GOP.

The latest fiasco involved Gov. Palin giving a turkey a pardon in Alaska at a turkey farm. Even that was botched! As she pardoned the turkey and was giving an interview a farmhand could be seen in the background dispatching a turkey! Talk about a public relations disaster! Poor Sarah, she is the embodiment of Murphy’s Law.