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Black and Latino in the Americas

Dr. Henry Louis Gates
Dr. Henry Louis Gates-Black in Latin American

Black in Latin America – Most Americans can’t conceive of black and Latino being the same thing. Most African-Americans can’t conceive of slavery existing anywhere else other than the United States. In both cases, were all wrong. The slave trade worldwide was a massive undertaking. When most Americans think of slavery, we think of the obvious and long-lasting effects of slavery in the United States and relationships between the races. The truth is that the majority of slaves during the transatlantic slave trade ended up south of America’s borders, the Caribbean and all throughout South America.

Between 1502 in 1866 12.5 million African slaves were brought to the Americas. Of that number, only 450,000 were brought to the United States. The rest were scattered throughout the Caribbean and other parts of Latin America and the diaspora that has become the legacy of that tragic commerce. The remaining slaves were brought to other parts of Latin America;4.8 million were brought to Brazil alone. In fact, Brazil is home to the largest black population in the entire world, second only to the African continent. Today 120 million people of African descent live in Latin America.

Dr. Henry Louis Gates, the Harvard professor who became famous for his confrontation with a local policeman when trying to break into his own home has conducted extensive research on being black in Latin America. Dr. Gates travels have taken him to Brazil, Peru, Cuba and the Dominican Republic; conducting his research and writing his book, Black in Latin America.

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Michele Bachmann For President?

"Michele Bachmann is dangerous"
Michele Bachman for President?

Michele Bachmann for president? As creepy as that sounds, there may be enough misguided Americans who could help Michele Bachmann in her quest for the presidency. The media constantly makes comparisons between Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin. While both make ridiculous statements in front of open mics all across America, it’s become obvious that Michele Bachmann is the more dangerous of the two.

While president Obama and the Congress debate the issue of raising the debt ceiling, an interesting sideshow has manifested in the form of Michele Bachmann and her banner issue; which is opposing gay marriage. Michele Bachmann is the founder of the tea party house caucus. She came onto the national stage as a right-wing media darling, who appears to pander to the extreme right and the lunatic fringe of the Republican Party.

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Tiger Woods Golfs Transcendent Figure

"tiger woods is the best golfer of all time"
Tiger Woods is golfs transcendent figure

Tiger Woods has done more to change golf than any other human being alive or dead. That’s quite a statement to make in such elite company of today’s elite golfers. Tiger Woods, is without a doubt golfs most transcendent figure.

Tiger Woods has single-handedly gotten people to take up golf who probably never would have considered the sport; namely African-Americans and other minorities. Golf is no longer an old, rich white mans game. Now a days you see people of color flocking to golf courses and driving ranges all over America. This would not have been the case pre-Tiger Woods. Before Tiger Woods, golf was viewed as the last bastion of white privilege.

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Casey Anthony Verdict

"Casey Anthony loves to party"
Casey Anthony never wanted to be a mom

By now you’re probably reeling from the Casey Anthony verdict. The jury may have found her not-guilty, however in the court of public opinion, she’s guilty as sin. She has received numerous death threats and when released, she will be under constant guard. In fact, a security detail is being organized as this post is being written.

You can’t help but feel emotion as images of sweet angelic Caylee Anthony are flashed on screen. It humanizes that poor little girl and the terrible suffering she must have endured. How can you not feel for that little girl? It’s painfully obvious that Casey Anthony didn’t want to be a mother. Even more obvious, that their family is dysfunctional, particularly the relationship with her father. Did she get away with murder? Probably not. Was she at least negligent in her daughters death? Most definitely! According to CNN she will be released by next Wednesday. She is being released for good behavior and time served.

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Politics Sex and Race

"Politics Sex and Race"
Politics Sex and Race - Dangerous Combination

Politics, sex and race by themselves are a volatile mix; together they are explosive! You get that and much more with the alleged sex crime of Dominique Stauss-Kahn. Considered one of the most powerful men of finance in the world and a former contender of the French presidency. He was a accused of sexually assaulting a maid at his lavish New York hotel room. He was arrested while seated in first class on an Air France flight just minutes before take off.

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Anthony Weiner and the Race Card

"Anthony Weiner and Race Card"
Anthony Weiner not above Race Card

By now you’ve overdosed on all the news about Anthony Weiner. You’ve heard way too much about his, well, how should I say this? Anthony Weiner flashing his weiner to several young women across the country!

There is a back story to Anthony Weiner you may not be aware of. Mr Weiner started his political career twenty years ago in New York’s 48th district, which is heavily Jewish. He started making a name for himself as a young assistant to an unknown congressman by the name of Charles Schumer. Weiner had confided to Charles Schumer that he wanted to enter politics and move to Florida. After the 1990 census, Florida had been redistricted where someone with a name like Weiner would do well.

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American Exceptionalism – Why Americans Are Hated

Article first published as Why Americans Are Hated Throughout the World on Technorati.

"<strong/>American Exceptionalism is a thing of the past"
American Exceptionalism is on the Decline

American Exceptionalism is quickly losing it’s hold on the world. America is not the place it used to be. The days of hogging all the worlds resources to ourselves is coming to a close. Those resources have to be shared with the likes of China, India and other emerging economies. We can’t continue to do as we please in a global economy. Reality check; wake up America!

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Family Values and The GOP

"Family values and the GOP"
Family Values are Republicans full of it?

The following article was written by guest blogger, Michael Knight.

I know what you are thinking; this article is going to be a criticism on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, former Republican Governor of California, and recent discovery within his personal life; the answer is no. This is not an attack on just Arnold but more importantly the family values that his party holds and in recent news the contradiction of those family values. When one thinks of a Republican a lot of things come to mind. One that pops up right away is a party where its foundation is rooted on traditional family values. This is also a party heavily opposed to those within the gay community getting married; not the family values they espouse.

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Popeyes Chicken – Race and Politics

"Popeyes Chicken and Chicken Mammy"
Popeyes Chicken Mammy

Popeyes Chicken should be ashamed of itself for the degrading and tired minstrel show put on by the “Chicken Mammy.” Ms. Annie as she’s called takes us back about a century on her chicken coonery antics. Believe it or not, the African-American community is divided on whether the commercial is racist or not. In some quarters of the community, the feeling is hey, “she’s making money and laughing all the way to the bank.” This writer is painfully aware, that some people will sell their soul for a dollar; no matter what the consequences are.

Should companies be held to a higher level of “social responsibility?” Where do we draw the line between funny and insulting? The Chicken Mammy’s antics hearkens back to a time most African-Americans would like to forget. The deplorable minstrel show era is one that is painful and dredges up the oppressive era of “Jim Crow” and brutal segregation that was mandated by law.

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