Tiger Woods Golfs Transcendent Figure

"tiger woods is the best golfer of all time"
Tiger Woods is golfs transcendent figure

Tiger Woods has done more to change golf than any other human being alive or dead. That’s quite a statement to make in such elite company of today’s elite golfers. Tiger Woods, is without a doubt golfs most transcendent figure.

Tiger Woods has single-handedly gotten people to take up golf who probably never would have considered the sport; namely African-Americans and other minorities. Golf is no longer an old, rich white mans game. Now a days you see people of color flocking to golf courses and driving ranges all over America. This would not have been the case pre-Tiger Woods. Before Tiger Woods, golf was viewed as the last bastion of white privilege.

After his mistress scandal and injuries, many are wondering, does Tiger Woods have what it takes to stay on top? He only this week, got his first big endorsement deal since his sex scandal/divorce occurred. I wouldn’t be so quick to count Tiger Woods out of the worlds most elite golfers.

At the height of the Tiger Woods sex scandal, the sport of golf literally was losing billions of dollars due to his absence from the sport. It was so bad, that other golfers on pro tours were begging for Tiger Woods return to golf! Now that’s power, influence and transcendence! Tiger Woods is the only athlete who can claim he’s a billionaire from his sport; now that’s transcendent.

Old school golfers, such as Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, sing Tiger Woods his praises as golf and sports most transcendent figure. Tiger strayed and was divorced by his beautiful wife, now it’s time to move on. Many in professional golf circles are of the opinion, that Tiger Woods has several good years left, if he can recover from his injuries.

The mark of great athletes is how they come back from injuries. Although Tiger Woods lost his number one ranking in golf, he’s still considered the sports top draw. As time passes, he will undoubtedly pick up more sponsors. The celebrity crazed public has short memories and are quick to forgive. Regardless of the mistress/sex scandal, Tiger Woods will still get people to follow golfs greatest events. Love him or hate him, Tiger Woods is a transcendent figure nonetheless.

If Tiger Woods can make a full recovery from his injuries, don’t be surprised if he reclaims his spot as the worlds best golfer. Hopefully, he’s learned his lesson with the recent sex scandal that cost him dearly. If he’s smart, and most think he is, he will reclaim his rightful spot atop the world of professional golf.

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