Tiger Woods Wins!

"Tiger Woods wins"
Tiger Woods is Back!

The Tiger has roared!

After a two year drought, Tiger Woods has roared back winning his first major, The Chevron World Challenge. Suffice it to say the man’s been a bit preoccupied and distracted with his multi-million dollar divorce and public humiliation.

Many thought Tiger Woods was finished after the cheating scandal broke two years ago. Having his squeaky clean image shattered right before our eyes was probably the biggest obstacle for Tiger to overcome.

Tiger Woods still continues to generate controversy, albiet a lesser one in the eye of the mainstream media. The African-American community in general, and African-American sports broadcasters in particular were not very pleased with the way he brushed off racist comments made by a former caddie, Mr. Woods fired.

Many feel he is too quick to dismiss real racism in order to fit in with the country club set. Being cool under pressure is probably Tiger’s greatest asset. Even as he was going through the scandal, he maintained a certain air of dignity about himself.

Many of his critics like to point out that he is soft on racism and should call those responsible on their offensive behavior. I’m sure Tiger is more focused on getting back to where he belongs in pro golf, back on top. This recent victory is definitely a step in the right direction.

We must give credit where credit is due. Tiger Woods single-handedly rescued the game of golf. It had long been viewed as a boring, old white mans game; golf was often synonymous with “white¬†privilege.” Tiger gave golf the shot it needed. Legions of new golfers took up the game because of Tiger Woods prowess and success at the game. He [Tiger] made golf cool; and Nike can attest to this!

During the first few months the sex scandal broke, many of his contemporaries were begging Tiger to come back. Golf had lost billions of dollars in revenue because Tiger Woods was no longer on the golf scene. Now that’s big-time clout!

While there are those who are dismissive and see this victory as an aberration, it’s confirmation for others that, Tiger Woods will come roaring back to dominate the game of golf. Tiger appears to have matured during his losing spell and seems more disciplined. I’m sure he won’t make the same mistake twice.

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