Todd Akin

Todd Akin is toast!
Todd Akin has insulted women everywhere!

The gift that keeps giving

The Republicans hit an all time low in the persona of Todd Akin, who made the outrageous claim that a woman could not get pregnant if she was raped. This incredibly stupid remark created a firestorm of controversy. His behavior and words were so damning that his fellow Republicans begged him [Akin] not to show his face at the GOP convention this weekend.

Mr. Akin is not alone in showing poor judgement and words. This is only another example of anti-woman rhetoric that has become common place among the GOP. Women are leaving the ranks of the GOP in droves! All of this ultimately plays right into the hands of Pres. Obama and his re-election bid.

Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s Morning Joe stated on his show, “I’m tired of Republicans being the stupid party!” The Republican leadership has turned their backs on Mr. Akin and shunned him in disgrace. They even went as far as demanding that he not attend the GOP Convention in Tampa. They (GOP) know Mr. Akin is damaged goods. He only damages the Republican brand even more than it already is.

I suppose he (Todd Akin) must be one of the “knuckle draggers” that House Speaker,John Boehner talked about. Every major poll in the United Stated has presidential race in a dead heat, with Pres. Obama ahead in the polls by a narrow margin.

Given the Republicans talent for mis-steps, gaffes and outrageous statements, the road to the November election is sure to have more surprises. At some point, those of us who are sane and rational will see the light and support Pres. Obama.

The middle-class is quickly becoming a thing of the past. If the Republicans take the White House, they will make it a relic of a bygone era in America. Under the Republicans the rich will indeed get richer and the middle-class will become the new poor. If we leave it up to the so-called “job creators” we’ll all be out on the street.

What’s most disconcerting about Mr. Akin is that he vehemently vows to continue on with his campaign! The man is totally clueless in the firestorm of controversy that he has created with his ignorant and insensitive remarks.

Old School GOP

Whatever happened to GOP stalwarts like Jack Kemp, Bob and Elizabeth Dole and Dick Lugar? They were intelligent, sensible and were willing to compromise. To coin John Boehner’s expression, the party has been taken over by “knuckle draggers.” The GOP is in desperate need of those type of old school Republicans that are willing to work towards compromise and get America going in the right direction.

Ronald Reagan would be seen as moderate compared the yahoo’s who run the party now. It’s a party governed by fundamentalists on steroids, tax hawks and hard core social conservative sociopaths with no regard for the least among us in American society.

Pres. Obama has done back flips trying to work across the aisle; to no avail. It’s been leaked on MSNBC that the Republican caucus met on the day of Pres Obama’s inauguration and were told to vote no on any and everything he tried to pass. The goal being to win the White House back. My only complaint about Pres. Obama is, that he has been too conciliatory in trying to work with them (GOP). If he wins re-election, I hope he (Obama) will get tough and invoke executive privilege if he needs to.

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