Trayvon Martin

The elephant in the room

Trayvon Martin is the victim
Trayvon Martin

The issue of race has reared it’s head once again in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin case. Regardless where you stand on this issue, we can’t ignore the fact that race is still a delicate and highly charged issue in American society.

Many feel that now that a black man is in the white house we are post-racial; NOT! If you believe that, you need to step away from the crack pipe. The Trayvon Martin case is proof that race still dominates much of the American experience.

Regardless of where you stand on the raging debate on the Trayvon Martin killing, one thing’s for certain, the homicide investigation was bungled and flawed from the outset. Just last evening (March 27th) a startling revelation has come to light. The investigator who was first on the scene of the killing of Mr. Martin recommended that Zimmerman be arrested and charged with manslaughter. The state’s attorney told the investigator to “stand down” and not arrest Zimmerman citing that there was not enough “evidence” for a conviction. Really?

There have been other revelations that witnesses have been “coached” how to respond to questions asked by investigators. The police officer that was assaulted allegedly by George Zimmerman is African-American. The profile that is emerging of Zimmerman seems to be one of a man who has violent tendencies towards African-Americans.

The latest saga as the media is reporting it, is the attempted character assassination of Trayvon Martin. In other words, let’s blame the victim. Conversely, Zimmerman is being portrayed and innocent and completely justified in killing a child, to defend himself.

The fact are as follows: Trayvon Martin was walking home to his father’s house on February 26th. He was armed with nothing more than Skittles and a can of iced tea! George Zimmerman outweighed Trayvon by 100 pounds. Zimmerman called to report a suspicious person (Trayvon Martin) and was told NOT to follow him. Zimmerman disobeyed the dispatchers admonition and tracked Trayvon down, that is when the altercation occurred.

The lack of proper police procedure on the evening of the killing boggles the mind. Trayvon Martin’s body was tested for drugs and alcohol, but not Zimmerman. No forensic tests were done on Zimmerman. He was allowed to keep his weapon and his carry permit and was allowed to go home!

There were witnesses that were not contacted by police until a couple of weeks after the shooting! I’m sure the Sanford Police had no idea that this shooting would blow up (no pun intended) in their face to the extent that it has. Now it’s time to pay the piper. The entire city of Sanford is being judged harshly in the court of public opinion – a fate they deserve.

Zimmerman did have friends speak on his behalf on MSNBC. His “black friend” stated adamantly that he [Zimmerman] is not a racist. Another friend stated that the situation that led to the fatal shooting was a “perfect storm” due to all the burglaries committed by young black men in recent months. In other words, Trayvon Martin was seen as a likely criminal there to steal from residents- a clear case of racial profiling.

If we’re going to use that logic, would it be safe to assume, I should feel “threatened” getting into an elevator with some white guy who’s had a bad and fear a workplace shooting were numerous people will get shot? There are plenty of recent examples i.e. Columbine, Seal Beach, CA Salon, schools shootings in Ohio, Kentucky…. it goes on and on. Somehow, when white males kill, they are not painted with the same broad brush. In fact, each horrific shooting incident is seen as an aberration not a trait or behavior indicative of white males.

Conversely, the case must be made that the African-American community take responsibility for young black men shooting each other. I know this will anger my followers and delight those on the right, however, the truth must be stated here. If Trayvon Martin had been shot and killed by another black male, America would have never heard of him. If the African-American community would get as angry and passionate over the black on black killing, homicides against young black men would go down dramatically. If we as community place no value on black like, how can we expect others to?

Until we make this a priority and have serious reform in police departments across America, there will be more Trayvon Martins’. We should not let this young man die in vain. We all grieve for Trayvon and his family. It is my hope that the city Sanford will do the right thing and arrest George Zimmerman.

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