• Alachuaflorida

    recovering from what…. the fact that the republicans in the house could not come up with a jobs package, the republicans in the senate stood in the way of almost EVERYTHING that Obama brought forward.  And in spite of all of the GOP (great obstructionist party) efforts the economy is still rebounding…. the economy is recovering also.  Consuner confidence is up, durable goods orders are up, GM had a banner profit recently, unemployment is on the downstroke and Wisconsin is having a recall election to get rid of republican governor….. I live in Florida, and after Jeb Bush, Catherine Harris, and present gov Rick Scott, I will probably NEVER vote for any republican….ever

    • recovered

      Great commentary! I’m recovering from being a republican. I have seen the light and will never support their divisive,intolerant tactics and hateful vitriol. Please come back and visit!


  • Danie

    We must recover our Countr from the floor nd get the top of the roof; during nost tht two years te Presidente has both Camaras and not do it nothng, yet talk and talk and talk, elling the people the same (———-) but the people in the Unite State we want recover our jobs ,our houses, our friends, our families, no more liar, no more bla,bla,bla; We want action, We want to see our friends working again, happy. On Nov 2012 WE DO IT.=

    • Recovered2

      Thanks for stopping by. Come back again!